Rainbow FR Clothing Insect Repellent is the Safe Solution to Mosquito Protection July 10 2018

With OSHA now requiring utility workers to wear Flame Retardant Clothing (FRC) for their personnel protection while at work, a concern has been raised as to “Can I use DEET Insect Repellent on my FR Clothing like I did on my regular work clothes?”

In the past there was not much thought of the effects of DEET being applied to non-FR Clothing for mosquito protection in the work place. But with the new changes in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements, the concern about the effects DEET has on FR Clothing needed to be addressed.

It was determined that DEET needed to be studied and tested on FR Clothing relative to arcing and exposure to open flames. This test was conducted by Rainbow Technology, ArcWare, and Kinectrics Laboratory to determine what effects DEET would have on FR Clothing when exposed to arcing. See the video below.

DEET Insect Repellent was applied on a FR Shirt, per label directions, before the arc test was conducted. The result clearly demonstrates that an application of DEET on FR Clothing propagates the flame after an arc and can contribute to body burn in the event of electric arc. It is therefore advisable not to treat any FR Clothing with any Insect Repellent containing DEET. 

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