Poison Oak & Ivy Cleanser

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Poison ivy, oak and sumac rash is a cause of workers comp claims in the United States. Be proactive and protect your workers by preventing the rash before it starts with POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER. Used as part of their daily cleanup regimen, POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER has been the first choice of outdoor professionals such as telephone and utility crews. POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER is formulated to “unlock” urushiol (pronounced oo-roo-she-all) to clean and decontaminate skin after exposure to poison ivy, oak and sumac, and can clean tools and clothing, too. Other uses include removing pitch, creosote, tar and cable gel.


Use POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER to remove the poisonous oils of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac from many surfaces including:

  • Skin
  • Clothing
  • Tools
  • Pets
  • Hardhats
  • Lineman’s belt
  • Water coolers
  • Steering wheels
  • Tool boxes
  • Safety harness
  • Gloves

Basic Information

  • To reduce your risk of exposure even more, you can use the POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER to wipe off any tools or equipment that may have come in contact with the poisonous plant.
  • Immediately after opening POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER packet, wipe exposed skin areas briefly with cleanser. Carefully discard used towelette to avoid contaminating cleaned areas. Clean hands with a fresh POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER.
  • POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER is proven to remove the urushiol from your skin. The towelette comes in an easy-to-use sealed packet, so you can carry it with you anywhere. POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER does not require water.
  • Accepted as standard issue by many public utilities, timber companies, the forest service and other outdoor industries, POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER has been proven effective where it counts. On the job. In the field. In the mountains of the Northwest, the forests of the Northeast and the swamps of the Southeast. Wherever workers come in regular contact with the great outdoors.
  • POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER can remove the oil before the rash begins. POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER is even effective after the rash rears its ugly head. Active cases of poison oak or ivy can be minimized to nothing with as little as three treatments, cutting down on what could have been several days of misery.
  • POISON OAK & IVY CLEANSER can also be used to decontaminate pets, laundry and tools. This is a waterless solution, so you can use it while you are still outdoors without having to find a water source.

Features & Benefits

Medically safe Use immediately after contact with plants and later to soothe any after effects caused by contact with poisonous plants
Handy single towelette packet Easy to carry in a pocket for immediate use when exposed to poisonous plants

Technical Highlights

Unique waterless formula Cleanses and decontaminates skin and clothing.

Safety Data Sheet

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