Dry Graphite Lube

$ 12.18

Dry Graphite Lube is a fast-drying lubricant that forms a thin, black film providing excellent anti-friction and anti-seizure properties to surfaces. USDA approved. Performs under extreme pressures and it is even effective under broad temperature range. It is inert to oils, water, and alkalies. Does not contain oil or water-based diluters. It minimizes dust and dirt pick-up so that the piece can be used immediately - no waiting. Use on bearings, tracts, conveyors, flat springs, hinges, die casting machines, oven parts, door locks, hydraulic pumps, ladle pins, heat risers, speedometer cables, and high speed end shafts. It may also be used as a parting compound on dies, sand cores, or match plates. All position valve allows can to be used in any position.

Safety Data Sheet

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