Foamy Leak Detector

$ 4.69

Formulated for the utility industry. Detects leaks in telecom cable sheaths, sleeves, gas pipes, and other equipment in connection with air or gas leak testing. Improved formula for increased bubbling and foaming action. Can either be dripped, sprayed, or brushed on surfaces.


Use FOAMY LEAK DETECTOR on surfaces including:

  • Telecom Cable Sheath
  • Sleeves, Joints, and Seams
  • Pressurization Equipment
  • Sealed Systems
  • Power Cable Lead Splices
  • Gas Leak Testing
  • Air Pipes

Basic Information

  • Rainbow's FOAMY LEAK DETECTOR is formulated for the Utility Industry. It detects leaks in pressurized systems including Telecom cable sheaths, sleeves, gas lines, power cable lead splices, and associated equipment.
  • Improved non-toxic formula for increased bubbling and foaming action, dries clean.
  • Formulated in either a ready-to-use solution or concentrated form - mixing ratio 50:1 with water.
  • Can be either dripped, sprayed, or brushed on surfaces to be tested for leaks.

Features & Benefits

Improved film sensitivity Find smaller leaks
Flip top applicator Immediate application
Spray attachment (4210T) - sold separately Replaces flip top applicator to deliver a mist spray if desired
Concentrated formula (4211) Saves money, mix in any quantity desired

Technical Highlights

Improved formula for increased bubbling and foaming, film foaming clear, slightly viscous liquid with a bland color. This product is not a carcinogen or considered hazardous. There is no flash point. Completely soluble in water. Tested safe on polyethylene plastics.


Safety Data Sheet


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